The Burrawang Bushwalk within the Murramarang Park – A Summary

It becomes an review of the primary trail features. The aim of this publish is to provide a solid idea of the problem, duration, access points and whole trail. To really walk the track, you’ll need more in depth trail notes.


Highlights. Durras Beach. The surrenders the sandstone coves. Calm Corner inside the northern finish within the Beach. The views inside the trail up Point Upright Headland. The Burrawang Palms – living fossils. The distinct plant existence changes.


Distance. Around roughly 5 kilometres return trip if beginning with Durras North.


Duration. 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is often walking time only instead of permitting any stops. it’s recommended you set another forty-a few minutes to fully make use of the walk and to have short breaks.

Burrawang walking track | NSW National Parks

Grade. Moderate. Sturdy footwear or sandals are crucial. The walk includes soft sand, plant tracks the other steep climb exceeding 94 steps – great views though.


Ideal time. Whenever. When the tide is low however, it’s simpler stroll within the firmer sand across the beach.


Access. The walk commences inside the finish of Boyne Street at Durras North. For the entire walk. Technically, the primary area of the trail arises from Calm Corner within the headland to Depot Beach however by doing the walk as being a longer loop is much more rewarding.


The Burrawang Walk are available fully inside the Murramarang Park. You may also anticipate seeing a variety of birdlife. Kangaroos are frequently spotted grazing on Durras Beach too. There are many other walks possible during this park.

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