List Of Adventure Activities You Would Relish At Khao Yai

In the event, you consider adventure travel; the location should be just as thrilling as the intended activities. After all, the majority of us are able to skydive, scuba dive, or bungee jump in areas that are either close to us or within driving distance.

As a result, when you combine adventurous locations with Khao Yai adventure activities, (กิจกรรม adventure เขา ใหญ่, which is the term in Thai) the result is an ideal adventure experience. Just keep in mind that plenty of these pursuits are not covered by your usual travel insurance, so additional coverage for adventure activities may be required.

Discover More Of The Mountains And Listen To The Call Of Adventure

A wide variety of thrilling and exhilarating activities may be enjoyed in Khao Yai’s mountains, waterfalls, canyons, and rivers, including ziplining, canyoning, river rafting, biking, trekking, and hiking.


One of the best canyoning locations in Thailand is the region surrounding the Than Rattana waterfall. It is situated in the province of Prachin Buri, in the eastern quadrant of the national park. The vast waterfall complex offers the chance to abseil hundreds of meters down several flowing waterfalls while the streams crash all around you.


An ATV is one of the greatest and most exhilarating ways to see Khao Yai’s mountainous, undulating, and frequently untamed nature. Explore uncharted territory, blaze some trails, ford streams, and meander through tropical groves and woodlands. ATVs are great for adventurous off-road outings where you can kick up muck and dust with your companions.


An exciting and quick method to view the jungle from a fresh perspective is to fly across the crowns of Khao Yai’s old trees. To get a completely different perspective of the adjacent mountain range, you’ll fly from one platform to another while being harnessed high above the terrain.


It is a unique kind of Khao Yai nature trip. The Khao Yai National Park riverbeds come alive with some of the most thrilling rapids in South East Asia after the Thai rainy season begins, which is usually around May and June.

Khao Yai attractions

Let us delve into some of the popular attractions at Khao Yai.

Khao Yai Art

The Khao Yai region has a lot to offer in the way of art, including works with railway themes and pieces by well-known Thai masters, as well as Picassos and cathedral architecture. It only gets better with pop-up gallery exhibitions, regional artisan initiatives, and our guided tours.

Khao Yai Farms

One of South East Asia’s most productive regions is Khao Yai. Organic farms, sweeping vineyards, and shaded orchards filled with unique and uncommon fresh fruit are abundant in the area.

Nature Tours in Khao Yai

Get in touch with life’s natural side. For good reason, Khao Yai continues to be a popular tourist destination in Thailand. Beautiful scenery, charming waterfalls, and unexpected encounters with wildlife happen every day.

You could enjoy these and more when you visit Khao Yai during your vacations.

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