Explore the Amsterdam’s Charms and Fun-filled Activities

Amsterdam is a stunning city filled with charm and excitement. Every traveller will find something to appreciate in this diversified destination with its renowned canals, outstanding museums, and an array of activities. Amsterdam has everything, from peaceful strolls to cultural excursions!

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Amsterdam offers a dynamic blend of activities beyond its iconic landmarks. Enjoy Amsterdam’s diverse offerings and hidden delights!

There are many things to do in Amsterdam, here we have only taken up 5 activities.

1) Cruise like kings using pure boats

For a memorable canal cruise experience in Amsterdam, consider booking with Pure Boats for a touch of elegance and fun. Gather your friends and set sail on a boutique vessel with a welcoming and knowledgeable captain.

Enjoy the picturesque Dutch streets in style and enhance your journey with drinks and snacks from local suppliers. Choose for a private 90-minute trip at 250 EUR for up to 12 people or join a shared cruise for a unique adventure!

2) Walk or bike through Vondelpark

For those who love biking or brisk walking, then there are plenty of parks available in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, where you will find:

  • Brilliant flowerbeds
  • Serene lake
  • Lush foliage

People watch among the many restaurants, cafes, and outdoor theatres. Get involved in sports like boating, skating, horseback riding, and birdwatching.

Vondelpark encourages you to relax and experience the essence of Amsterdam with its varied attractions and picturesque surroundings.

3) Go street art hunting

Discovering the dynamic street art scene in Amsterdam is an adventure not to be missed! NDSM Werf, which is next to Clink NOORD, provides an immersive experience through amazing urban art.

This once-industrial area is now thriving as a hub for the creative industry, drawing visionaries and artists. Grab your camera, venture with friends, and witness the dynamic fusion of art and city life in this inspiring neighbourhood.

4) Enjoy the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens

If you are a nature lover, then while in Amsterdam, you must not miss a trip to Keukenhof Gardens. The blooming season starts in March and ends in May, when you will see more than seven million varieties of tulips.

Explore 32 hectares of parkland, take a guided tour, and come across delightful discoveries everywhere you look. Keukenhof Gardens is a charming getaway for tourists hoping to take in the splendour of Holland’s well-known tulips. It is ideal for a peaceful day spent surrounded by floral beauties.

5) Tour the city by bike

Amsterdam biking is a classic experience that provides an exhilarating feeling of freedom and adventure. Riding around Amsterdam Noord is a fun adventure, even with the busy mopeds and cyclists.

Think about going on a guided bike tour with the ClinkNOORD crew that shows you the city’s best-kept secrets and undiscovered attractions.

Experience Amsterdam’s dynamic atmosphere and rich culture while traveling on two wheels and making lifelong memories with your pals. Don’t pass up this thrilling and engaging way to stroll through Amsterdam’s picturesque streets!