Do You Know the Best Time for a Wedding in Cancun?

Those who ever had the opportunity to visit Cancun will be well aware of the beautiful beaches, and these are the best beaches of Mexico. Besides, the unique sea colors, the purity of the ocean, and also the warm and soft sands can be the perfect scenario for any dream wedding.

If you are planning for a suitable destination for your wedding, then the whole romance that is running in your heart and mind will quickly disappear if you have chosen the wrong beach destination where you may face challenges such as:

  • Bad weather
  • Low vacancy
  • Complicated booking.

Therefore, when you have chosen for Cancun weddings then the best thing to do is decide which time of the year you prefer to choose so that you may not face any disappointment. Riviera Cancun Weddings will offer you all the support you need.

If you are already familiar with Cancun and its climate at different times of the year then you must know how unpredictable the weather can be!

So, let us discuss in this post the best time to plan for your wedding if you have chosen to be in Cancun to celebrate your big day.

1.      January and February

During these months, the weather will be great however, you need to keep in mind that this is considered to be a tourist season when people from all over the world may visit.

So, you need to be more proactive and book your hotel booking well in advance to avoid any last-moment disappointment to jeopardize your wedding celebration.

2.      March to June

During these months too, you can very well enjoy the pleasant weather present in Cancun. However, you must remember that this is a period of Holy Week, and also considered as high season.

Another important thing to note is that no church will hold weddings ceremony during these Holy Week celebrations.

Although the month of June is not so busy season, it may however start getting hot, so you may certainly find a few great deals.

3.      August and September

If you consider our advice then we will suggest that you do not plan your wedding during these two months.

The main reason is that during these months, heat and humidity will be extreme and this can make you very uncomfortable for entertaining your guests.

4.      October to December

To celebrate your wedding in Cancun, the best time of year will be from October end to the beginning of December. The most compelling reason is that the weather is going to be very pleasant and also it is low season.

You must know that most well-informed people plan their wedding during these months. Therefore, you must confirm your wedding date and book your hotel and venue at least a year in advance to avoid any disappointment.

This will help your guests to get enough time to decide their plans and you can also organize everything calmly.


It is a great decision to choose Cancun as your wedding destination from October to December. However, it will be best to obtain the current info and updates about the Riviera Cancun Weddings and you may refer to your Instagram profile.

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